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*Introductory note: I’m spending my summer interning for a local wine sales/marketing company in hopes of gaining ample experience before I throw myself head first into the wine industry after college.

When I got to work today I found a newspaper article by Erin Chambers from the Wall Street Journal on my chair. It offered seven key tips to making sure your internship is a success. With two internships under my belt, here’s my spin on how to survive yours.

1. Come early the first day and don’t stop…even if everyone else in the office shows up 15-20 minutes late.

2. Your internship will not be glamorous, you are the lowest on the totem pole..get used to it! Internships are for you to learn and soak up as much knowledge as possible in a short amount of time.

3. Chug coffee. It keeps you from falling asleep at your desk and offers opportunities for casual conversation with your superiors in the break room.

4. Oh wait…you’re still doing basic photocopies and scans two months into your internship? Don’t complain.

5. Don’t stand out. This is not an opportunity for you to wow your employer. Your boss wants someone who can fit in and do the work quietly and efficiently. Your work should speak for itself.

6. Write down all the tasks you do and directions so you don’t screw up later. You don’t want to have to ask for help on basic tasks every five minutes because you didn’t want to take notes the first time. Also, keep track of the types of projects you are doing…this can be helpful when interviewing for jobs later.

7. Play volleyball. Get involved in the company. Your co-workers want to get to know you and not watch you sit around like a bump on a log. Don’t say no to an opportunity to mingle.

*Wine Word of the Day
internship: (not exactly a wine word but still worthy) an experience critical for future success in which you act like a sponge and soak up as much information as possible in a relatively short amount of time.


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